Optimizing Immunologic Functions that Help Reduce Risk for Infection, Morbidity and Mortality by Vitamins D, C & Integrative Orthomolecular Medicine Measures.

President: M. Holick, USA; Organizing committee: J. Spitz, Germany and R. Cheng, USA; powered by Optimum-Health, Germany

15 keynote speakers and Prof. Michael Holick as president will give an “Update 2021” of the situation and invite everybody to participate to listen and collect latest information – broadcasted all over the world.

We are convinced, that the growing evidence of the great influence of vitamin D on our immune system combined with the worldwide awareness of the pandemic of viral infections offer a unique chance to put vitamin D in the correct light it deserves – as well in the medical field as well in the public opinion – especially if accompanied by Integrative Orthomolecular Medicine Measures.

Prof. Dr. Michael F. Holick

Prof. Dr. Jörg Spitz

Dr. Richard Cheng

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Panel I: Focus on Immunologic functions of Vitamin D

List of speakers in alphabetical order

M. Holick

Michael F. Holick

PhD, M. D.
Opening Lecture: Vitamin D and COVID 19 Pandemic – a historical situation dedicating the third decade of the 21. century to Vitamin D and sunlight.

Hans-Konrad Biesalski

Prof. Dr. med.
Nutrition as co-factor of Vitamin D for a strong immune system.
M. Holick

Alessio Fasano

M. D.
Microbiome and Immune system
B. Grant

William B. Grant

Epidemiology of Vitamin D deficiency and Covid-19
M. Hewison

Martin Hewison

Physiology of our immune system with special regard to Vitamin D

Karsten Krüger

Prof. Dr. rer. nat.
Physical activity stimulates the immune system over the lifespan

Panel II: Looking over the rim: Focus on Vitamin C and other complementary measures of Orthomolecular Medicine in the context of Covid-19

List of speakers in alphabetical order

Ilyes Baghli

High dose Vit D in Covid-19 and other diseases, with support from the Algerian government

Greg Beattie

Vaccine, Hype of Hope? The vaccine effort in historical perspective.

Richard Cheng

Systematic Antioxidants Therapy in the Treatment of Severe Covid-19

Michael J. Gonzalez

Individual personalized prevention of Sars-Cov-2, with Diet and Supplements with Emphasis in Ascorbic Acid

Thomas Levy

Rapid Virus and Gut Recovery with Hydrogen Peroxide Nebulization

W. Todd Penberthy

Niacin History & Use in Medicine

Andrew W. Saul

Therapeutics with the B-Vitamins and Vitamin E: An Historical Perspective

Atsuo Yanagisawa

PhD, M. D., FACC
Clinical application of IV Nutritional Therapy

Panel III: The Prevention and Management of Long Covid and the Side Effects of Covid Vaccines

Covid-19 is part of our life now. Some Covid-19 infected people may have lingering symptoms of Covid-19, this is also known as Long Covid. Many people have also received or are receiving Covid-19 vaccines. Covid-19 vaccination is also required in certain jobs and public areas, including travel.  Some people are hesitant about vaccines due to the potential vaccine side effects.  But when it comes to vaccination and your job, it’s a very hard decision to make. Our panel of experts will discuss the mechanisms of Long Covid and vaccine side effects and what you can do to prevent and manage if you do have these problems.

Andrews Seth Ayettey

Rev. Prof.
Hydrogen Peroxide and prevention of COVID-19: Clinical observations in Ghana

Charles Bens

Treating Long Covid Syndrome

Richard Cheng

Integrative Orthomolecular Protocols for the Prevention and Treatment of Covid-19, Long Covid and Covid Vaccine Injuries

Thomas Levy

Resolving Long-Haul COVID and Vaccine Toxicity: Nailing the Spike Protein

W. Todd Penberthy

Niacin/NAD & COVID19

Closing Lecture

Jörg Spitz

Prof. Dr. med.
Plan B – Overcoming communicable and non-communicable diseases by a new health culture.

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