International online conference on Covid-19

This is how the affiliate program works

Step 1: Sign up to our affiliate program

With this link you can register directly as a partner for all our products at Simply copy the link into the address bar of your browser or click on the button below.

Fill in all the data correctly at DigiStore24. Do not forget your account details, otherwise the commission payment to you will not be possible. Your DigiStore24 Affiliate-Id, which you absolutely need to use the promo links correctly and to advertise our products, you assign yourself. You will always find it in the top left corner of your DigiStore24 account after logging in.

Step 2: Create your referral link(s)

The following types of referral links exist


Promo link

The promo link always leads to the sales page. A cookie containing your affiliate ID is stored in the browser of the visitor.

A promolink looks like this:


Content link

The content link leads to our hompepage. A cookie containing your affiliate ID is stored in the browser of the visitor.

The content link looks like this:


Link with GET parameters

For experts only! This link always leads directly to the sales page and the affliate ID must be attached as a parameter.

The link looks like this:

Step 3: Spread the word and share your referral link

You can now email your referral links to friends, acquaintances or partners, or use them in a campaign. We also provide promotional material, which you can download below.

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Internation Conference on Covid-19

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