OHR invites you to attend the

International online conference on Covid-19

Optimizing Immunologic Functions that Help Reduce Risk for Infection, Morbidity and Mortality by Vitamins D, C & Integrative Orthomolecular Medicine Measures.

President: M. Holick, USA; Organizing committee: J. Spitz, Germany and R. Cheng, USA; powered by Optimum-Health, Germany

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Prof. Dr. Michael F. Holick, President

Preliminary program (as of July 12 2021)

Please note, this program is subject to change at any time.

Panel I: Focus on Immunologic functions of Vitamin D

  • Opening Lecture M. Holick

    Vitamin D and COVID 19 Pandemic – a historical situation dedicating the third decade of the 21. century to Vitamin D and sunlight.

  • A1 B. Grant – Epidemiology of Vitamin D deficiency and Covid-19

  • A2 M. Hewison

    Physiology of our immune system with special regard to Vitamin D

  • A3 A. Fasano

    Microbiome and Immune system

  • A4 C. Biesalski

    Nutrition as co-factor of Vitamin D for a strong immune system.

  • A5 K. Amrein

    Relevance of Vitamin D Level for the outcome in ICU patients with and without Covid-19

  • A6 W. März

    Role of Vitamin D in Non-Communicable Diseases (Diabetes Type 2 i.e.) as risk factors in the course of Covid-19 infection

  • A7 G. Valacchi

    SARS-CoV-2 infection, COVID-19 pathogenesis, and exposure to air pollution: What is the connection?

Panel II: Looking over the rim: Focus on Vitamin C and other complementary measures of Orthomolecular Medicine in the context of Covid-19

  • B1 A. Saul

    Overview of International society for Orthomolecular Medicine and megadose vitamins.

  • B2 G. Beattie

    Vaccine, Hype of Hope? The vaccine effort in historical perspective.

  • B3 A. Yanagisawa

    Clinical application of IV Nutritional Therapy

  • B4 M. J.  Gonzales

    High dose Vit C in treating various infections a. Covid-19.

  • B5 H. Zhou

    Promoting public health: Low Carb Diet and China’s Low Carb Movement,

  • B6 T. Levy

    Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) nebulization, an effeictive, safe and inexpensive anti-viral method they don’t want you to know  about

  • B7 T. Penberthy

    High dose niacin therapy in mental and physical health and diseases

  • B8 I. Baghli

    High dose Vit D in Covid-19 and other diseases, with support from the Algerian government

  • B9 R. Cheng

    Protected Population Immunity against Covid-19: an Overview of Integrative Orthomolecular medicine

Closing Lecture

  • J. Spitz

    Plan B – Overcoming communicable and non-communicable diseases by a new health culture.

Procedure and preliminary time schedule to prepare the online conference

  • Until middle of July 2021

    Selection and invitation of keynote speakers/chairpersons.

  • Middle of July 2021

    Preliminary Program, first worldwide invitation of the public to the conference and call for abstracts of presentations from the experts.

  • 1st of August

    Start of ticket sales for the conference event

  • Middle of August 2021

    Deadline for abstracts (participants and keynote lecturers)

  • End of August 2021

    Announcement of selected abstracts and invitation of the authors to prepare their video presentation until end of September 2021.

  • End of September 2021

    Publishing of the final program and renewed worldwide invitation to participate in the conference (researchers and experts as well as interested lay people!)

  • End of October/beginning of November 2021:

    Preliminary time for Conference Event

    Publishing of the selected presentations/videos for 10 days (including two weekends) worldwide.

    For two weeks after the conference there will be an online evaluations of the presentation by the participants (separate for experts and lay-people) to select outstanding papers.

  • End of November 2021

    Online discussion of the keynote speakers of each panel with the authors of outstanding papers to elaborate a conclusion/state of the art document for each session/topic of the conference. The participants of the conference will be enabled to listen to the online discussion.

  • Beginning of December 2021

    Based on the discussed material a report “Update 2021: Vitamin D, C and integrative OM measures to overcome Acute Respiratory Tract Infections (ARTI) like Covid-19” will be prepared by the chairmen/keynote speakers, which than will be published by an interested journal and rolled out via all media channels.

Ticket sales for the conference will start on the first of August 2021!